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CD Release Party:
April 30, 1999

Thanks to all of you who attended the CD Release Party, and to the bands that performed (The Peacemakers, Gas Giants / Pharoahs 2000, The Pistoleros), the party was a huge success!  Of course, it couldn't have happened without our sponsors, the House of Merlin and the Bash on Ash.  Thanks!

Here are the pictures from the party and the pictures from the performances on Leah's Local ZONE that led to the creation of the "Take One" CD:

Leah's Local ZONE Take One CD Release Party**
Pistoleros, 2, 3, 4
Pharoahs 2000, 2, 3, 4; Insider, 2; Allison Road, 2
Pharoahs 2000 Set List, including Insider and Allison Road
Peacemakers, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PH
Folsom Prison Blues, 2, 3
Leah; Leah & Mak; Leah, Steve, Robin;
Robin, Leah & Steve; Leah & Steve, 2;
Lawrence Zubia & Karen Miskinis

CD Release Pre-Party
...featured a performance by Robin Wilson
Thank you to our sponsor: House of Merlin

Dead Hot Workshop
Brent Babb, G. Brian Scott, Curtis Grippe

The return of...Gas Giants / Pharoahs 2000
WebCam pictures*: Robin Wilson, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7; Dan Henzerling and  G. Brian Scott, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6; Brian; Phil Rhodes

Brian Talenti, Tony Burns and Moon, Scott McDonald, Everyone (Back: Tony, Moon, Brian, Scott; Front: Mac, Simon the Owl, Chimpy)

The Scones
Martin Shears, Ronnie Winters and Jeff Owens, Martin, Ronnie and Jeff, Dave Schreck, Dave

Pete Forbes (and friends)
Pete Forbes and Tony Robinson, Brock Walters, John O'Reilly, Jr.

The return of...The Peacemakers
WebCam pictures*: Roger Clyne, 2, 3, 4, 5; Jim Swafford and Scott Johnson, 2, 3, 4; Jim; Daryl Icard, 2, 3; PH Naffah, 2, 3

68 lo-fi
Kaige, Cory Fournier and John Hampton, Kaige, Cory and John, Kaige, Cory and John, Pete Forbes

Billy Sedlmayr (and friends)
Billy Sedlmayr and Brian Blush, Billy Sedlmayr and Brian Blush, Andrea Hanks

Zen Lunatics
Terry Garvin, Chris Hansen Orf, Gilbert Padilla, Ric Napoli

The Cartwheels
Chris Hansen Orf, Jim Speros, Gilbert Padilla, Terry Garvin

68 lo-fi (doing Christmas songs)
Cory Fournier and Kaige, Cory and Kaige

Sun Club / Satellite
Stephen Ashbrook and Chris Whitehouse, Stephen, Chris and Paul Cardone, Mike Kellems, Everyone (PC, Stephen, Chris, The ZONE's Leah Miller, Mike Kellems, The ZONE's Keith Mak)

The Dialectrics
Jim Beach, Steve Flores, Steve Larson and Jim, Andy Mendoza

Pastry Heros
Catherine and Adam Cooper, Adam, Dave Rogers, Scott Hessel

The Pistoleros
Everyone (Lawrence Zubia, Tony Merrill from The ZONE, The ZONE's Leah Miller, Scott Andrews, Gary Smith, Mark Zubia, Thomas Laufenberg)

Looking for Aldous Huxley
Tim McDonald and Tom McGill, Tom and Tim Rovnak, Tim M., Tom and Matt Myers, Matt, Tim M., Tom and Tim R., Everyone (Front: Tim R., Matt; Back: The ZONE's Leah Miller, Tim M., Tom)

The Peacemakers
Daryl Icard and Roger Clyne, Daryl and Roger (with harmonica), Daryl, Roger, Jim Swafford and Scott Johnson, Daryl and Roger (side), Jim and Scott, PH Naffah, Roger and Jim, Scott, Everyone (Front: PH, The ZONE's Leah Miller; Back: Daryl, Jim, Roger, Scott)

She Said
Chris Nottleman, Chris Green, Adam Pedretti, Eric Hassler

Ben Phillips and Nathan Phillips, Zack Phillips and Ben, Randy Stowe (side), Randy (front), Zack, Everyone (Randy, Zack, The ZONE's Leah Miller, Ben, Nathan)

Brett Hinders and Joey Thomasson, Adrian Smith and Matt Carlson,
Everyone (Sean Gens, Adrian, Matt, The ZONE's Leah Miller, Brett, Joey)

9 Volt
Andy Mitchell and Scott Collins

Honey Child
The ZONE's Leah Miller with Heather Higgs and Dino Gisiano

Tim Anthonise and Nick Scropos
As Guest DJs: Nick and Tim
In Santa Barbara at NYM: Nick, Tim and Dan Lancelot, Nick, Tim and Dan, Nick, Dan, and Tim, Post show: Nick, Dan, The ZONE's Intern Steve and Tim

Gas Giants / Pharoahs 2000
Robin Wilson (front), Robin (side), Dan Henzerling, G. Brian Scott

*We hope you enjoy our WebCam experiment.  Expect to see the WebCam again on Leah's Local ZONE in the coming weeks and months...

**Thanks go to Assistant Intern Al Panhorst for taking some of the pictures at the show.

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